A tight, complicated site investigation area in Glasgow

Implementing COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols on a Space Restricted, Complicated Site Investigation

Area of Japanese Knoweed contaminated soil by river which has been excavated

In-situ Treatment of Japanese Knotweed and Excavation

for Ex-situ Treatment at a Soil Treatment Centre

Remediation of a Chlorinated Solvent Plume and Installation of a LNAPL Recovery and Water Treatment Plant

A technician working on a drill rig to inject remediation reagents

Excavation and Screening of Asbestos Contaminated Made Ground and Disposal at a Licenced Facility

Soil being sorted on top of a membrane
A drill rig working on a site investigation near a power station

Hydrogeological Pump Testing for Deep Excavation Design

Technicians installing groundwater monitoring equipment

Monitoring of Private Water Supplies and Sensitive Ecological Sites for a Road Construction Project

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