Rows of empty sample jars for use in site investigations


Site investigations and ground investigations are an essential part of land development. They enable designers to determine geotechnical properties of the ground to aid in foundation design and to determine the presence of any harmful contamination in soil or groundwater to assess risks and determine remediation requirements. 


ERS's team of geologists, drillers and scientists can undertake and manage such site investigations on behalf of Designers, Engineering Consultants and private clients to provide factual reports. Whilst we mainly work across Scotland and northern England, as contaminated land specialists, we are often asked to work further afield too. 


We carry out our work in accordance with BS EN 1997-2 and its related technical standards together with the relevant sections of BS 5930 and ERS’ own in-house procedures.  Where applicable, ERS conducts all ground investigations in accordance with BS 10175. 


Our capabilities include the undertaking and supervision of trial pitting, windowless sampling drilling, cable percussive drilling, rotary core drilling with dynamic sampling and sonic drilling and the installation of gas, vapour and groundwater monitoring wells. Our experienced geologists log soils and rock samples to BS EN 14688-1 and BS EN ISO 14688-2 to provide engineering logs of trial pits and boreholes. 


Our team also undertakes in-situ testing including infiltration testing (BRE 365) and dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) testing, resistivity surveys and site monitoring and sampling. ERS will also manage the transport and storage of samples collected during the site investigation and schedule geotechnical and geotechnical testing with external laboratories. 


ERS’ geologists and scientists record information electronically on-site using bespoke field tablets and software, allowing ERS engineers to send logs and information to the Client in near real time providing an opportunity for siteworks to adapt due to unforeseen ground conditions, rather than make return visits to site at extra expense and time. 


As a specialist contaminated land contractor, ERS can design and supervise site investigation works on contaminated sites (e.g. BDA red sites), and propose appropriate mitigation measures to protect site staff and the environment, for example to prevent aquifer contamination during drilling. 


To find out more about our site investigation services, contact us today to speak to our site investigation team.