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ERS Laboratory bench with qPCR machine and sample testing equipment


ERS has invested in specialist laboratory technologies to develop rapid and cost-effective treatability testing. More recently, laboratory technologies have been brought in to support active remediation projects as well as provide external service for key consultant clients.


Initially, when the laboratory was developed in 2005, ERS invested in soil respirometry and became an industry leader in the application of this technology for rapid, reliable and cost-effective treatability testing for soil bioremediation assessment and optimisation. Our automated respirometers are now also being used to measure carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from chemical oxidation processes to assess sustainability.


More recently the company has invested in molecular biology technologies, specifically quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) instrumentation, to support active and passive bioremediation projects. ERS is now a UK based leading provider of qPCR testing to the contaminated land market. 


If you’d like to speak to us about treatability studies on your site, contact us today to talk with a member of our Technical Team. Or for more information about our Research and Development capabilities, take a look at our Innovation page.


Some of our key publications include:



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