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Fly tipping of ACM asbestos on a brownfield site


ERS has in-house asbestos contamination specialists who are experts at deciphering current UK asbestos guidance and can guide you through the investigation, assessment and management of asbestos contaminated soils.


Asbestos containing materials (ACM) were widely used in construction in the past and as a result, they are commonly found in soils on brownfield sites, potentially posing a significant risk to the health of site workers and end users. Because of this, adequate risk assessment and management needs to be implemented to avoid asbestos fibre release and exposure.


Depending on type and concentration, asbestos in soils may be licensable, non-licensable notifiable or non-licensable non-notifiable. ERS has considerable experience and expertise in non-licensable treatment and removal. We provide a full asbestos programme which adheres to the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 at every step. Our aim is to deliver significant cost savings whilst strictly adhering to construction best practice.


Our non-licensed asbestos services include:


  • Detailed site assessment

  • Risk assessments and ACM management plans

  • Engaging with regulators and planning departments

  • Cost effective treatment, reuse and disposal options

  • Remediation contracting works

  • Asbestos waste characterisation and disposal


Remedial options depend on the client’s budget, the proposed land use, the site conditions, the type(s) of ACM present and the concentration in the soil. Our treatments include cover and capping systems, mechanical screening, hand picking, soil stabilisation and soil solidification, and extraction for off-site disposal. All site works include dampening down to prevent fibre release and air and dust monitoring. And once the works are complete, we do thorough validation testing to prove that treated soils or areas above solidification and capping works are asbestos free.


If you’d like more information about asbestos contamination and/or remediation options on your site, contact us today to speak to one of our asbestos experts.


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