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Contaminated soil and groundwater samples being tested for contamination in ERS's laboratory


ERS do far more than just offer off-the-shelf solutions for common contaminants. We have experienced in-house scientists who work in conjunction with our geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers to find the optimal solution for each site, saving our clients time and money.


Treatability testing can support the technical and financial evaluation of a proposed treatment process. Laboratory testing can also guide the progress of ongoing remediation, helping to ensure that projects proceed as expected.  In support of this, we have our own state-of-the art laboratory facilities at our Head Office in Glasgow. These facilities are equipped with specialist and custom-made equipment used for treatability testing of a range remediation techniques.


Our technical team includes experienced laboratory scientists skilled in execution of standard testing and development/ validation of bespoke treatability tests. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure treatability testing provides ever improving insight into remediation assessment and performance monitoring. For example, we have recently invested in molecular biology capabilities to support our bioremediation services.


ERS’ laboratory treatability testing capabilities and expertise include:


  • Soil bioremediation - biostimulation evaluation and optimisation

  • Bioremediation – bioaugmentation evaluation and monitoring

  • Soil washing - particle size characterisation, surfactant and flocculant selection and optimisation tests

  • Low and high temperature thermal desorption

  • Chemical oxidising/ reducing agent selection and optimisation

  • Activator selection and optimisation

  • Soil stabilisation and soil solidification – geochemical and geotechnical evaluation and optimisation


As well as laboratory scale testing, we can also run pilot scale trials (at our facilities or on your site) prior to full scale treatment to ensure effective remediation technique scale-up. Our technical team includes experienced scientists, who are able to design and manage trials to deliver meaningful results. 


If you’d like to speak to us about treatability studies on your site, contact us today to talk with a member of our Technical Team. For more information about our Research and Development capabilities, take a look at our Innovation page.


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