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Floating booms in stream preventing an oil spill from spreading


ERS has successfully remediated hundreds of domestic and industrial scale oil and fuel spills which have resulted from causes including tank failures, accidental damage, car accidents and even a lightning strike!  We’ve successfully treated spills which have impacted gardens, houses, public and private water supplies and the natural environment, right across the United Kingdom, from the Shetland Islands to Jersey. ERS is accredited by both the UK and Ireland Spill Association and the International Spill Association.


Leakages from tanks or feed pipes can range from localised domestic heating oil spills to major industrial incidents with widespread environmental impacts. ERS provides a comprehensive, rapid spill response service to investigate, mitigate and remediate fuel and oil spills in a timely, cost effective manner. 


Alongside our domestic clients, property managers and insurance companies, ERS has also worked for industrial clients on large-scale incidents.  We work alongside clients and their consultants to investigate, assess and delineate the spill, and deliver a rapid remediation strategy.  We’ve been involved in many clean-up projects and our work has even been used to defend clients in legal actions. 


ERS offers a range of specialist equipment and in-house expertise, including compact ground investigation rigs, risk assessors and remediation design experts. We even have in-house landscapers to return your garden or site to its original look once the work is complete. To learn more about our capabilities and experience, please take a look at our Projects page.


If you’ve been affected by a spill recently or in the past and require some advice, contact us today to speak to one of our experts. 


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