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Different coloured contaminated groundwater samples in flasks on a laboratory desk being tested


Innovation is important to ERS and to keep ahead of industry trends and differentiate from our competitors, we continually invest in our Research and Development capabilities. These include:

  • In house laboratory and pilot trial facilities at our head office in Glasgow. 

  • Highly qualified staff experienced in designing and delivering research and development 

  • Collaborating with top universities, both in Scotland and across the wider UK

  • Regularly hosting university students on industrial placements.


From this R&D work, our researchers and hosted students have published several research papers in internationally recognised journals:


  • Investigating the influence of sulphur amendment and temperature on microbial activity in bioremediation of diesel-contaminated soil.


  • Use of an automated respirometer for in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) activator type and concentration selection.


  • Assessment of the use of compost stability as an indicator of alkane and aromatic hydrocarbon degrader abundance in green waste composting materials and finished composts for soil bioremediation application.


  • Systems biology approach to elucidation of contaminant biodegradation in complex samples–integration of high-resolution analytical and molecular tools.

    • Research Group: Gauchotte-Lindsay C, Aspray TJ, Knapp M, Ijaz UZ.

    • Scientific Journal: Faraday Discussions (vol 218: 481-504, 2019)

    • Link to publication:


  • Potential benefit of surfactants in a hydrocarbon contaminated soil washing process: fluorescence spectroscopy based assessment.


  • Effectiveness and longevity of a green/food waste derived compost packed column to reduce Cr(VI) contamination in groundwater.


  • Acceleration of tributyltin biodegradation by sediment microorganisms under optimized environmental conditions.

    • Research Group: Sakultantimetha A, Keenan HE, Beattie TK, Aspray TJ, Bangkedphol S, Songsasen A.

    • Scientific Journal: International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation (vol 64(6): 467-473, 2010)

    • Link to publication:


  • Biodegradation of the herbicide mecoprop-p with soil depth and its relationship with tfdA gene expression.

    • Research Group: Rodríguez-Cruz MS, Bælum J, Shaw LJ, Sørensen SR, Shi S, Aspray TJ, Jacobsen CS, Bending GD.

    • Scientific Journal: Soil Biology and Biochemistry (vol 42, (1), 32-39, 2010)

    • Link to publication:


  • Effect of nitrogen amendment on respiration and respiratory quotient (RQ) in three hydrocarbon contaminated soils of different type.


  • Application of soil slurry respirometry to optimise and monitor bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a research project or would like to enquire about future student placement opportunities, get in touch with us today and ask talk with our Technical Team's Dr Thomas Aspray. 


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