When it comes to treating soil and groundwater contamination every site is different; location; value; affected soil or groundwater depth and volume; contaminant type and concentration; remediation drivers and targets; soil types; timescale; local environment and neighbours and more; all influence the appropriate technique. 


ERS is a service provider and not a technology or product vendor. Our experienced multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers provide the expertise to consider all of the above factors and ensure the correct solution for your site, whether it is offsite disposal or a complex in-situ technique.  


With 25 years of experience as specialist remediation contractor, ERS has an enviable track record of success covering a wide variety of sites and contaminants – literally from Arsenic and Asbestos to Zinc; employing a wide range of remediation techniques. Amongst our most commonly used methods are:



If you would like more information about any of our remediation services, contact us today to speak to one of our remediation experts.


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