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On-site, Accurate Metal Contamination Testing in Real-Time

Updated: May 12, 2023

We’ve been working with several clients recently who’ve been struggling to cost effectively dispose of stockpiles of hazardous soil.

It’s a common problem

When excavating contamination, delineation is limited to the 25m distance between investigation trial pits. When should we stop digging? For many contaminants, visual and olfactory assessment is not appropriate, leading to either a reliance on sample lab analysis turnaround time and keeping excavations open, or cost implications by removal of unnecessary quantities of soil, guided by SI delineation.

So what's the solution?

ERS uses Portable XRF (pXRF) technology for on-site metal contamination confirmation.

We are able to provide clients with a pXRF instrument, along with one of our experienced analysts to interpret the results. Alternatively, we can undertake the whole delineation and disposal project for you. Using pXRF and on-site hydrocarbon testing, the stockpile can be effectively segregated to ensure that that cost is minimised.

End result: we prevent small stockpiles turning into large bills!

Any questions? Nik will be only too happy to help – give him a call at the Glasgow office (0141 772 2789).

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