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Material being tested for heavy metals on-site using portable XRF (pXRF)


On-site testing can be a valuable time and cost saving tool on contaminated land projects. For example, rather than sending samples to a fixed laboratory and waiting several days for results, it is possible to get reliable quantitative results on-site in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, when on-site contamination testing capabilities are set up on a site, many samples can be analysed in the working day, providing rapid, cost-effective analysis.


Due to the speed of on-site testing, it can be especially useful when mobile plant (e.g. excavators etc.) are working on-site by minimising plant standing time, preventing double-handling of material and reducing incidences of digging/moving more material than required. By providing speedy results, quick and robust decisions can be made in real-time on-site. Whilst our on-site testing methods are validated by laboratory results, on-site testing will usually provide a more accurate picture of contamination distribution, as multiple measurements can quickly and easily be taken from across the site/contaminated area, compared to a few fixed samples sent for external laboratory analysis.


As well as delineating and sentencing contamination in soils, onsite testing can also be used on more complex and specialised projects to monitor or optimise treatment of both soil and groundwater. 


ERS' site teams have experience of a wide range of technologies available for on-site contamination testing. This includes our pioneering use of early colorimetry and turbidity-based instruments, through to our use of the latest infrared, UV fluorescence and X-ray fluorescence instruments. In developing our current offering of on-site contamination testing technologies, we have performed extensive laboratory and field-based comparisons of various instruments to ensure they meet our high standards.


If you’d like to learn more about our on-site testing technologies and how they can be applied on your site, contact us today and ask to speak to a member of our Technical Team.


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