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Project:  Flatt Road, Largs

Value:  £627,000

Timescale:  4 months

Asbestos contaminated soil was present at the site of the former Largs Academy, where redevelopment works were underway. ERS undertook screening of the contaminated soil, allowing clean material to be reused on site. Contaminated soils requiring disposal were removed to a licenced facility.

This site was being redeveloped for residential use and care home. ERS were brought in to facilitate the safe removal of hazardous and non-hazardous contaminated made ground. The site consisted of 3 tiers, with the middle tier being where the majority of contamination was found. Due to this being a live site, ERS had to work to tight deadlines to ensure other contractors could follow in behind and complete their work without delay.


There was a considerable amount of predominantly asbestos contaminated soil. The asbestos was hand picked. Due to the nature of work, additional PPE was required, including haz-mat suits and respiratory masks (FFP3). Real time air monitoring was also used to ensure there was no migration of contaminated dust ensuring the safety of both residents and the workforce. All work undertook complied with relevant health, safety and environmental legislation as well as the remediation strategy.


At the start of the operation, neighbouring residents raised concerns over the type of work being undertaken, as well as potential noise, dust and vibrations. Once we explained what mitigation methods would be put in place, the residents were content with the works. Mitigation methods included restricted site hours (08:00-16:30), dust suppression, and vibration and air monitoring.


A sizeable quantity of excavated material was to remain on-site for later construction works. ERS screened this material to provide <15mm, 15-75mm & >75mm. Meanwhile, once screened, the contaminated soil was removed in an orderly, timely and cost-effective fashion under the close supervision of ERS engineers to ensure all works were undertaken safely and within restrictions. Relevant paperwork and records were kept with regards to the movement and removal of soil, such as GPS coordinates and waste transfer notes. All material that left the site was taken to an appropriate, licenced facility.


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