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Removing contaminated soil for remediation

We offer a range of innovative and sustainable soil and groundwater remediation techniques adapted to your needs and budget


Environmental Reclamation Services (ERS) is a specialist contaminated land site investigation and remediation contractor. We are a multi-disciplinary team of employee-owners with a wide range of expertise, focused on brownfield land services and the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, and including in-house support services such as environmental monitoring, invasive weeds treatment and laboratory treatability testing. 


We work with our clients to develop and implement site-specific remediation solutions to the complex problems that are associated with brownfield land, derelict sites and contaminated soil and groundwater. Having a wide range of assessment, investigation, remediation and other supporting services under the one roof allows us to approach a site’s problems from multiple angles. 


Contact us today to discuss your site's needs and how ERS can help you Release the Value of Your Land.



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