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Project:  Robroyston South

Value:  £33,700

Timescale:  5 years

ERS were asked to remediate Japanese Knotweed infestations at the site of the new park-and-ride railway station. Due to a combination of time constraints and prior disturbance of the stands, a dual excavation and off site treatment/ in-situ treatment approach was implemented.

The site was previously working farmland and is being developed for a new railway station with park and ride facilities, including access roads. There is also a proposed development for residential properties and recreational sports fields in the wider area.


ERS were tasked with the remediation of several Japanese Knotweed infestations observed within the proposed development site. Several options were discussed with the client, including in-situ herbicide treatment, excavation for removal off site and combined digging with herbicide treatment. Due to the nature of the site and the client’s time restraints it was determined that excavation and relocation to a treatment stockpile for future herbicide treatments of the Japanese Knotweed stands would be the best course of action. As some Japanese Knotweed stands had been disturbed by others during initial site clearance works, some in-situ treatment was also required.


ERS supervised the excavation of specific stands of Japanese Knotweed that were impeding the development of the new railway station with park and ride facilities including access roads. Existing water features close to excavation works also had to be considered as to prevent excessive disturbances to their formation. A 5 year management plan was then implemented to carry out herbicide treatments for the in-situ Japanese Knotweed stands.


Several stands of Japanese Knotweed were successfully excavated and backfilled with clean material. The excavated material was relocated to a treatment area where a 5 year management plan would be implemented. Herbicide treatments will also be carried out to the in-situ Japanese Knotweed stands and the 1m strip located along the banks of the water features.  


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