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Project:  Monitoring of Private Water Supplies

Value:  £680,000

Timescale:  30 months (pre & post-construction)

During construction of a road, Aberdeen City Council commissioned ERS to undertake a monthly monitoring and sampling for programme for 19 Private Water Supplies (PWS) and 3 Sensitive Environmental Sites (SES), including one designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Between 2013 and 2020, ERS was appointed to undertake monthly water monitoring and sampling at a number located along the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR). The monitoring sites included both private water supplies and sensitive environmental sites, including a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  The works were necessary due to the number of properties in the area not connected to mains water at the time of the construction, and the requirement to monitor for changes in hydrological and hydrogeological conditions.


The works were organised in distinct phases of works: first the installation of the monitoring equipment, then the monitoring works pre-construction (15 months in 2013-2014) and eventually the monitoring works post-construction (15 months, in 2019-2020).


Overall, ERS installed the following monitoring equipment:


  • 24 electromagnetic flowmeters to monitor water use at private water supplies

  • 22 vented pressure transducers to monitor water level in spring chambers, lochs, rivers and boreholes;

  • 5 v-notch weirs for stream flow estimation;

  • 6 rain gauges.


The monitoring works consisted of monthly water monitoring and sampling at 30 to 40 separate sites, comprising:


  • In-situ monitoring of water level, pH, electrical conductivity and temperature

  • Collection of water samples from surface water, groundwater and private water supplies

  • Transportation of the water samples to the laboratory within 24hrs of sampling to ensure compliance with UKAS holding times for microbiology analyses.

  • Data download from all instruments installed

  • Quality control and issue of monitoring data and laboratory results in electronic format within 2 weeks of monitoring

  • Routine maintenance of the monitoring points


The project was completed in November 2020.


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