Soil Treatment Centres


Often, even where on-site treatment of contaminated soil is an option, it is not preferred, due to time or space constraints, or lack of an appropriate re-use for the treated soils. On some sites, a relatively small volume of contaminated soil does not justify mobilisation of treatment equipment.

We have soil treatment centres located throughout Scotland to accommodate and treat a variety of contaminated soils, where on-site treatment is either not appropriate or not possible.

Our Clients like this for several reasons:

  • No impact on construction programme
  • No need to tie-up space on site
  • Cost savings of up to 80% compared to Landfill

We can treat a range of contaminants, including:

  • hydrocarbons
  • heavy metals
  • other inorganic problems such as cyanides or ammonia

Where possible material is recycled to the site of origin or put to an alternative, sustainable use. Residues are disposed as locally as possible, minimising long distance haulage.


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