In Situ Testing

On-site contaminant testing of soil and groundwater can be a highly effective tool for guiding the process of remediation and limiting treatment volumes.

A number of recent cases have also highlighted the importance of maintaining adequate on-site monitoring records for occupational health and safety and community health protection purposes.

Our fully trained teams undertake monitoring of soil, water, noise and air. We offer a wide range of on-site tests across sites in the UK including:

  • groundwater monitoring
  • borehole NAPL measurement
  • ground gas and vapour testing
  • soil contaminants – measurement of hydrocarbons and metals
  • groundwater contaminants
  • groundwater chemical and biological parameters
  • air monitoring – for occupational health and community health
  • geotechnical testing – SPT, CPT, CBR, plate bearing, resistivity, etc
  • borehole permeability tests – falling/rising/constant head, etc.

On Site Testing for Metals

It’s a problem our clients often come across when excavating contamination. Samples taken from trial pits are 25 metres apart. Do we stop at the last “dirty” sample, or keep going until the first “clean” one? On one hand you could spend money unnecessarily; on the other you could lose time when the validation samples fail.

Our solution?

We’re able to confirm metal contamination using Portable XRF (pXRF). Using pXRF and on-site hydrocarbon testing, we can effectively segregate stockpiles to ensure that costs are minimised.


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