Drilling Services

We have our own in-house land drilling teams and a range of site investigation plant who operate throughout Scotland and across the UK. Our drilling teams are available to our Clients both with or without engineering supervision.

We can provide:

Windowless sampling
Low impact, rubber-tracked percussive rigs capable of recovering high quality samples from depths up to eight metres. Core samples are recovered in plastic tubes, logged by qualified engineers and packed for transit before testing and storage.

Rotary drilling
Our rubber-tracked rig is equipped with adaptations to facilitate rotary open-hole and rock coring and is suitable for rapid drilling to depths of up to twenty metres. This rig is particularly suited for use on narrow access or low clearance sites.

Cable percussive drilling
Our cable percussive rigs enable us to retrieve and log disturbed and undisturbed samples and carry out on-site geotechnical tests, including standard penetration testing (SPT). Low apex height option is available.


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