Environmental Assessment

ERS provides a range of environmental assessment services both across Scotland and throughout the UK. Our services include:

  •  Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Gas Risk Assessment
  • Water Environment Risk Assessment
  • Water Supply Pipe Assessment
  • Vapour Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Noise and vibration monitoring
  • Hydrogeological assessments
  • Aquifer testing
  • Groundwater and contaminant transport modelling

Water Supply Pipe Assessments
We regularly undertake site investigations for water pipe assessments in order to recommend appropriate water supply pipes for water main diversions, replacements, or new installations. Our water pipe investigation and assessment approach has been developed from discussions with Scottish Water regarding its interpretation of the UKWIR guidance, and from our experience in the investigation and assessment of contaminated land.

Hydrogeological Assessments
We investigate groundwater quantity and quality to help identify sources of potential contamination and provide clients with accurate data for risk assessment.

We undertake hydrogeological studies both as stand along projects for our clients, or to support wider contaminated land redevelopment, environmental impact assessments and ecological studies.

Aquifer Testing
We’re very experienced in a comprehensive range of tests to determine the hydraulic properties of an aquifer or confining bed. We use this data to to predict water yield, to investigate risks to groundwater and to improve the design of remediation and dewatering systems.

Groundwater and contaminant transport modelling
We use groundwater and contaminant transport modelling (using MODFLOW, MT3D & RT3D) to facilitate the risk-based approach. 3D models are powerful visual tools for communicating with clients, regulators and the public


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