As the UK remediation industry continues to evolve, the need for ever improving technical and economic performance grows. Innovation is important to the development of our business. The continual evolution of ideas allows us to optimise existing methods and to develop new technologies.

Our research team undertake research and process optimisation projects from our Glasgow laboratory. We conduct in field trials to improve our established remediation technologies and to appraise and develop novel approaches.

We regularly work with our Clients to optimise bespoke solutions for problems encountered on individual sites. We make it our business to understand the needs of our Clients and identify the particular characteristics of the site to be regenerated. This insight as to the precise nature that the risks present and the range of achievable outcomes.

What’s achievable is evaluated against the Client’s desired technical, legal and financial aims and to optimise regeneration outcomes for every site.

This approach helps to avoid making overly defensive assumptions about the nature of the problem and designing interventions that do not directly address the identified problem.

If you have an interesting idea or a project that you’d like our input on, please get in touch!

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