ERS is now 100% Employee Owned

We are very pleased to announce that ERS has become a 100% Employee Owned Company. All ERS staff now have a stake in the business; they will help understand how we can improve further the services we deliver and build a better business together.

ERS was formed in Scotland in 1994 and became a subsidiary of an American company.  In 2003 Andrew Mackenzie led a management buyout and ERS became an independent, Scottish based business which enjoyed significant technological and commercial success.

Andrew wanted to find a more equitable business model that involved all employees in the firm. “We are a team at ERS. We work together to devise innovative and workable solutions for our clients. It was important to me that everyone shared in the company.”  Andrew was attracted to the idea of employee ownership and attended a number of events held by Scottish Enterprise designed to support business owners considering employee ownership.

Earlier this month Andrew sold his shares to an Employee Ownership Trust which will hold the shares on behalf of all employees.  Andrew will remain as Managing Director and ERS’ Board of Directors has been expanded and will report to the company’s Employee Ownership Trust, governed by three Trustees including an employees representative and an independent Trustee.

Solicitor, James McGinn, and Tax Specialist John Todd of Johnston Carmichael advised ERS on the legal and financial requirements of the move.

Employee Ownership Trusts are fast gaining popularity as an ownership structure. This is an effective means to align workforce with corporate goals, and harness the creativity and effort of employees to deliver an excellent service.”

Carole Leslie from the Co-operative Development Scotland supported ERS through the transition. “There is a growing interest in employee ownership and this is the third employee buyout I’ve supported this year. ERS is a superb example of a successful company adapting their structure to best meet the aspirations of the employees and secure the future of the company.

Scottish Enterprise Director Sarah Deas, is delighted that ERS has joined what is becoming a fast growing number of Scottish based employee owned businesses.  “Employee ownership not only delivers proven benefits for the company and the employees, but also helps strengthen the local and national economies.

For current and future Clients and Suppliers of ERS, aside from the change in ownership, it is business as usual for ERS:

  • There are no staff changes.
  • There is no change in direction.

Andrew Mackenzie believes there is significant growth potential in the business.  “This is the start of the journey.  Most companies, especially in the service sector, are only as good as their employees, and employees are more engaged when they share in the company’s progress. All we’ve done is find a way to formalise what I’ve always considered to be an essential part of ERS.

For further information about ERS, please contact info@www.ersremediation.com

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