April 23rd, 2015

Guest lecturing at Strathclyde University

Phil has spent the morning with students at Strathclyde University who are studying the Site Investigation module.

He lead a workshop on the assessment and interpretation of site investigation data to develop conceptual site models and remediation plans, using data from a hypothetical site. It is the third year since joining ERS that Phil has been invited to do this.

He comments “It is immensely satisfying to see the students approach evolve over the two hour session. It usually starts with initial anxiety, or even perturbation, when a bundle of GI data is given out at the beginning of a session, then the students begin to understand how the various forms of data relate to each other and how interpretations can be developed by looking at the data in a logical and structured method, to finally challenging the data and questioning whether it is sufficient or whether it can be, or needs to be improved.”

Posted by Mark

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