Waste tax crimes and accurate waste classification

As part of our ongoing CPD activities, members of the ERS team recently attended the 2015 Brownfield Briefing Scotland Conference. The conference discussed a wide range of current industry issues, research and thinking; including the current issues surrounding waste classification and disposal.

Scottish Landfill Tax (SLfT) replaced UK Landfill Tax (LfT) in Scotland from 01 April 2015 and 2015 rates for standard and lower rate landfill tax are now in place, which are applicable for disposal of waste to landfill. The importance of appropriate classification of waste was stressed at the BB conference, and it was noted that ‘waste crimes’ in taxation are being increasingly regulated by SEPA.


We provide our clients with a robust waste classification service, along with offering alternative and cost-effective solutions to disposal at landfill. With repeat offenders potentially facing prosecution; the need for accurate classification and appropriate disposal is more important than ever!

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